4 comments on “What’s on the Horizon?

  1. I love superhuman characters myself. I also think the idea of immortality is fascinating. Think of all the stuff you’d see and learn throughout history! Wow. Who wouldn’t want to live forever?

    Paste your text into a Text file and copy it from there to WP. That should eliminate the wonky characters. You’ll just have to go and redo all your text formatting in WP before you make it live.

    • Awesome, thanks for the posting tip! I’m hoping that’ll help cause I do all my writing in scrivener, compile to a word document and then copy paste the text to WP, but sometimes the formatting gets all wonky.

      Thanks for the advice!

  2. Despite my best intentions, I haven’t got around to reading Masters of the Universe yet. Life … (grumbles) … I do enjoy superhuman characters, too … god-like, even … but I have a habit of putting them in situations where that doesn’t help, and they usually have to rely on their humanity to get them out of situations. As far as living forever goes, that’s a daunting prospect, and it usually throws my characters into a deep depression. Everyone else eventually dies, leaving you profoundly alone.

    I’ve used that text file trick, too. WP’s (re-)formatting drives me nuts.

    • Totally agree. The challenge of writing superhuman characters always comes down to how you are able to challenge them. Nobody likes a character that just waltzes right in and saves the day no sweat. We want to see them dig deep for that little bit extra that cant be defined in terms of pure strength or speed or lightning bolts from the eyes. Sure, you can make their nemesis equally powerful, but any good character worth reading about is flawed in some crippling fashion, think Batman losing his parents, Superman not being able to connect with the people he serves, Wolverine cant remember who the hell he is.

      One of the books I wrote last year is for a Trilogy called Gods and Children where the main character outlives the universe, which is absurdly sad when you stop to think about it. So I would agree, living forever would be such a double edged blade.

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