2 comments on “Masters of the Universe, Part Fifteen

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask about the title– Master’s what of the universe? Master’s with an apostrophe is either a possessive or a contraction. The plural of Master is Masters without an apostrophe.

    • The quick and easy answer is that my brain betrayed me and went on the fritz when I originally posted the title, and first section. I’d like to call it a slip of the finger, but it was in actuality a slip of the brain. This is why editors are so valuable. But one of my primary goals of this blog is to post things that are in first draft form, without making any kind of revisions. There have been a number of stories I’ve posted here that have glaring errors such as the same sentence repeated twice, but if I go back and edit after the fact, I feel I will be backsliding on my original intent. So, Master’s of the Universe has served a brutal reminder every time I look at it that mistakes happen. In my own writing, I’ve noticed that during my first drafts, I tend to get willy nilly with the apostrophes as pointed out by yourself and a couple others on previous comments. It’s something I’ll just have to keep working on in the future. Thanks for the question, Misha!

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