9 comments on “Time Snatch, part 5

    • Hey Terry, I am juuuuuust now posting the next section. My fiance was in the hospital last week, and yesterday was spent in an airplane so I’m a little behind. You’re correct though, the ending has proven difficult. So many strings to attach, and since I’ve been posting the story as I go, I have no means of going back and tweaking things earlier in the story to jive with things at the end. That’s fine though, I’m learning a lot in the process!

  1. “Goats have kids, doesn’t make them human.” Hahaha, love this line.

    Typo: “Now here I am worst off than…
    Typo: “I had the element of surprise on my hand now”
    Typo: “it wouldn’t due to tip my hat by being over eager” Unless I’m wrong about it, this is the second use of ‘due’ I’ve seen you use in this manner. If it’s me that’s incorrect, I apologize and I’ve learned something in the process.

    I agree with the problem of posting as you write sections, I ended up bailing on what I thought was a promising story, it ended up undoing the thread in my head. I would have to go back and add/remove a lot of details.

    Glad the GF is OK.

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