7 comments on “Firefly

  1. Unless you’re hoping to divert ‘Firefly’ fans to your page, I’d change the title. I was very confused, trying to tie in the sci-fi television series with the scenes as they unfolded. I think the descriptive bits could stand to be thinned out a little. I like the dialogue. Not into fantasy though, so I didn’t finish reading.

  2. Not being someone who is usually into the fantasy genre, I was a bit wary when I started reading, but am glad I continued to the end. I actually liked the descriptive bits, although I am the kind of person who uses a fair amount of descriptive elements in my stories over dialogue, and loved the pacing of the fight scene. And again, the background image seemed to fit perfectly with the story, haha!

    • Thanks, Julianne! Fantasy short stories have such a hard time getting any love, so I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed Firefly. Personally it’s one of my favorite stories, but that’s probably because I know how the whole book ends.

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