8 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

  1. Glad you’re back! How exciting to have THREE books in the works! We are very, very proud of you, Anthony!! You have been on quite a journey the last year or so, and we are looking forward to each new ‘chapter’ of your life. :) And thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes!

  2. Thank you for the shout out on Mother’s Day Anthony. I throw my love back your way. I am intrigued with your writing and look forward to being immersed in the universe you develop. Ask Z about his godfather who has experience as an editor. love ya – climb safe!

  3. Great Mothers Day present, thank you. Keep up the great progress. I sent you an editor a while back, I’ll email to Amy someone I’m on a board with that has actually written several books.

  4. Writing novels and hydra heads are so similar. The more you write, the more you have to write.

    I was aiming at my first novel to be 300 some pages, but, my current estimate, 1/4 done setting at 180 pages, is nearly 600. And may grow even bigger.

    It is the introduction to a series of books that will be more than 9 books.

    Aside from my own endeavors, I love to do critiques if you are stilling looking for this kind of input.

    Maybe we could trade critiques sometime. I wish this book would write faster. Life with kids can slow things down.

    • Isn’t it crazy how quickly projects spiral out of control and become this thing you never imagined at the start. A 9 book series is quite the undertaking, but it must be very exciting getting to spend so long living and learning about the world you’re creating.

      I would love to exchange critiques. You’re always welcome to email me whatever excerpts you’re needing a second set of eyes on.

      • Who in the heck would have thought that reading The Hobbit and half of the Lord of the Rings would have made me ask such a critical question?

        Can I write a story?

        Here I am.

        I caught your email, any particular method of exchange you prefer? A chapter for a chapter or just “here’s the whole dang thing”.

      • Probably just a chapter at a time for now. My reading schedule is kindle packed,but a chapter at a time is definitely something I can manage, maybe two or three if they are relatively short. Shoot me an email and we can hammer out the details.

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