10 comments on “Absence

    • The Birth of God is all but done with the first draft. I’m working my way back through editing at the moment. I’ve been cooling my jets before jumping into The Life of God, but I’ll officially begin writing that book in January. I’m planning on going the self-publishing route. Do you have any experience going that particular direction? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject if so!

  1. Check Susan Kay Quinn’s blog and twitter feed – she’s got a great series walking through the actual mechanics of formatting for self-pub (not perfect and minutely detailed, but very, very good; you’ll still discover things on your own). She’s also self-pubbed a YA paranormal thriller series that seems to be doing very well on the Kindle boards. She responds to tweets (or at least acknowledges them). I’ve found her to be helpful and informative.


  2. I am so anal. Instead of reading the new stuff, and while you are probably nearly done with this book now, I find myself still going all the way back to the beginning of the blog.

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