9 comments on “Soul Fate

      • That’s about as baloney a statement as that you could pronounce bologna as baloney if you sounded it out.

        I’ve read lots of story poems that were long. You know, classic Shakespeare and Chauncer type stuff.

      • I am in full agreement. I was being intentionally flippant with my remark, but I don’t know where I’d be as a writer without the Odyssey or Canterbury Tales to light the way.

  1. Nice work! Super sad but beautiful! I am proud of you for writing this last night after we got home! You are an inspiration! Keep it up Ant!

  2. May I suggest – try it again but free verse? Poems do not have to rhyme (it has taken me quite some time to realise) Look at this again, omit unnecessary words, get the pictures in your mind, change the stanzas (verses) around. You can do it! Thank you for popping in and liking what I do to – appreciated. I am delving more and more into poetry and loving it :-) Here to help if I can. This is beautiful but you can make it awesome. (Hope you don’t get offended by my comments left – not intentional)

  3. Great in comparison to stuff I’ve seen, sucks in comparison to stuff I’ve read from you.

    Poetry is more than just rhyming and/or expression, and this is what most people ignore, it is also about rhythm. I think people see this as some kind of expressive wall, but I’ve never found it to be so.

    Poetry becomes most beautiful when you achieve all three of these elements.

    Refine for rhythm would make this truly beautiful. And you are already 2/3 of the way there.

    • I’ve never had a good handle on poetry, and as a literary device I really struggle to use it effectively, but then again it’s something I put very little time into practicing. I should try and squeeze that into my writing schedule.

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